OLSPS Mozambique

OLSPS is a group of dynamic companies focusing on the provision of big data and predictive analytics and optimisation solutions in the commercial and natural resource management sectors. Data represents the historical experience companies draw from to positively impact their future. Be it in strategic planning, customer relationship management, real time decision making, operations, fraud detection, risk management and marketing for growth – understanding the story behind your data will let you write the next chapter better, and we have the technology to make the job a lot easier.

Our team employs cutting edge technologies to build innovative solutions including electronic logbooks, text and data mining tools and technologies, the assessment of natural renewable resources, data modelling, statistics and complex analytics to help clients radically change business intelligence acquisition and application. We have not only developed world-leading software solutions, but have also consulted extensively around the globe on a wide range of predictive analytics-related projects.

About OLSPS Mozambique

OLSPS Mozambique (formerly Prisma Engenharia LDA) is a multidisciplinary consulting firm established in 2013.


In 2017, OLSPS Mozambique joins the OLSPS group to be able to offer nearly three decades of experience in Predictive Analytics solutions to the Mozambican market. OLSPS Mozambique offers Services in IT and Civil Engineering Consulting (Autodesk Software Assessment, Autodesk Software Licensing, Project Management, Construction Management, Building Maintenance Management, Project Simulation Analysis). The main focus of OLSPS Mozambique is to help our clients build the right digital nervous system to ensure optimal efficiency and precision in their business. We believe in the central role that technology plays in the modern business environment and that new ground can be broken by harnessing the right solutions in an increasingly complex landscape.

About OLSPS Group