The saturation of the telecommunications industry, as well as the highly competitive nature of this sector means that finding the optimal method to attract new customers and reduce customer churn is essential to maintain and grow market share. 

OLSPS Analytics’ churn prediction solution identifies the sources of customer churn and yields accurate timely predictions, providing companies sufficient time to take appropriate action and prevent the loss of customers. Small inaccuracies in market analysis can lead to major financial losses. Therefore our market segmentation solution provides further valuable insights by analysing and segmenting markets into clusters of defining characteristics.

In order to understand the customer, a number of factors can be analysed such as:

  • Customer demographics

  • Sentiment analysis of social media

  • Customer usage patterns, geographical usage trends

  • Calling-circle data

  • Browsing behaviour from clickstream logs

  • Support call centre statistics

  • Historical data that shows patterns of behaviour that suggest churn

By analysing these factors, telecommunications companies can gain insights to predict and enhance the customer experience, preventing churn and tailoring marketing campaigns better.

The bottom line for the telecommunications industry and other companies in the communications industry, every single customer interaction matters. So, to get the right outcomes, the right data must be accessible to the right person at the right time.

Churn Prediction & Market Segmentation

The High Value of Data and Predictive Analytics in Telecommunications