Using data analytics to answer four key questions for the Logistics Manager:

  • How quickly can I tell how my processes are performing?

  • How can I manage my logistical processes in real-time? 

  • How do I visualise my logistical processes at the peak of their performance? 

  • How can I identify and implement benefits to my logistical processes?

Identify and address a wide range of issues connected with your logistical processes. Whether it is helping to move stock more quickly through the chain, reducing costs or quickly identifying risks. OLSPS Analytics can build a solution that will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your processes.

Let us help your organisation by building a logistics solution that can:

  • Evaluate the current performance using advanced analytics.

  • Revolutionise your processes by defining and predicting the impact of future projects.

  • Using data from machines, connected devices and assets you can manage your systems in real-time.

An example of a real-time logistics optimisation solution:

Improve the efficiency of your logistics company by analysing factors such as:

  • Distribution resources,

  • Trading routes,

  • And suppliers and inventory.

Furthermore, in the scenario of an unexpected complications, such as a car accident or delivery truck breakdown, the solution is able to automatically adjust supply rotations and routings, and provide firms in real-time with an optimal action-based distribution plan that bypasses the problems.

Discover The Value Of Analytics in Logistics