IT Solutions

The output of churn models can assist businesses in designing targeted retention campaigns, aimed at preventing high value, high risk clients from churning.

Bizverse Platform 

The Bizverse is a cloud-based platform designed to facilitate the new digiconomy.

The Olsolv Deployment Platform

The OLSOLV Deployment Platform simplifies the creation and deployment of data mining solutions.

Risk Segmentation

While segmentation is primarily used to assess customers, OLSPS Analytics has developed segmentation solutions targeting both customers and service providers.

Churn Modeling


Scorecards can be augmented by using additional data about individual behavior.


Connecting Mindsets and Behaviours To Performance.

Frost Prediction

The OLSPS Analytics Frost Solution combines weather data from both macro and micro sensors with sophisticated predictive

Predictive Maintainance

Predictive maintenance accesses multiple data sources in real time to predict the failure of your equipment and detects issues relating to quality.

Anti Fraud Forecast - Medical Assistance

OLSPS Analytics has formulated a solution which identifies the propensity for doctors and pharmacies to submit fraudulent medical aid claims.

Predictive Segmentation of Insurance Claims

OLSPS Analytics developed a real time predictive claims solution primarily targeted at short term insurers

Supplier Segmentation

OLSPS Analytics developed a motor body repairer selection tool which allows the selection of the most effective supplier

Sentiment Analysis

OLSPS Analytics’ Sentiment Analysis Solution is a natural language processing (NLP) model designed to reveal valuable information on current market sentiments.