Human Resources

Human Resources is a vital component of any business; however even with an established human resources department, ensuring the satisfaction of every individual employee can be incredibly challenging, especially in large companies. Furthermore, front-line management and sales staff have a significant impact on the revenue generated by firms.

Our workforce analytics solution, Enjol, has been specifically designed to uplift and maintain the performance of these staff members by making use of modern principles of work-space psychology, survey tools and predictive analytic models. Enjol is ideal for companies with a large employee base, where keeping track of the well-being of all staff members on a regular basis requires a lot time and resources and is often unrealistic.

To achieve this, Enjol has developed a unique package of tools:

  • Enjol LENS – Sensor technologies

  • Enjol INSIGHT – Predictive analytics

  • Enjol ENLIGHT – Feedback/scrums mirrors

  • Enjol PROPEL – Behavioral science

We deploy these tools to identify and develop the underlying employee qualities, mindsets, motivations and behaviors that drive bottom-line performance, and that build an enduring talent-driven competitive advantage.

Enjol is focused on helping large organisations build their Human Capital – capabilities, productivity and performance.

Data-driven Human Resources is Here