An example of one solution that OLSPS Analytics is able to offer governments is as follows:

Social Security Agencies (SSAs) attempt to improve social welfare and equality by distributing government funds between various government benefit programmes.

A weakness of these benefit schemes, is the relatively easy manner in which people are able to abuse the system. This is illustrated by the consistently high number of fraudulent claims discovered annually.

These cases of abuse lead to considerable amounts of misappropriation of government funds. One of the worldwide solutions specifically designed to assist governmental entities is a Social Security Solution to reduce the exposure to fraudulent activities and ensure payments of social benefit programs are channeled to deserving individuals.

Leveraging Big Data in Government

We help government become more data-centric in order to make better, more informed decisions, designed to assist with services, policy making and spending. 

To better understand and respond to the needs of the public, governments needs to allocate public resources more efficiently. By using predictive analytics they can leverage data to develop innovative solutions to contemporary problems within every area of governance.

Solutions for Government