Educational institutions are the new breeding ground for future analysts and data scientists. Having access to SPSS will fully empower students to achieve prosperous careers in any industry of their choosing.

A longstanding relationship with SPSS affords OLSPS Analytics the opportunity to offer academic institutions an affordable software solution that will:

  • Enable educators 

  • Help students gain critical analytical skills

  • And support more accurate and insightful institutional research and decisions.

Empowering Tomorrows Data Scientists

OLSPS Analytics has extensive experience with Academic Institutions both in South Africa and in Sub Saharan Africa. As such, we can identify the following as part of our solution to any new user or institution acquiring the IBM SPSS Academic Package:

  • The most competitive prices – as a legacy distributor OLSPS Analytics is able to obtain the best prices for its clients.

  • Knowledgeable statistical support provided by highly-qualified and experienced staff.

  • OLSPS Analytics has become the preferred supplier of SPSS software for many of the leading educational institutions across the region.

  • OLSPS Analytics has also spent significant resources on the development of additional capabilities within the SPSS software itself.

IBM SPSS in South Africa & Sub Saharan Africa

Alternatively, OLSPS Analytics can offer any educational institution the following worldwide solutions:

  • We can optimise Student Retention with a worldwide solution specifically designed to help academic institutes limit the number of exclusions.  Ensuring institutions have sufficient time to intervene and take action with the greatest probability of a student graduating.

  • The worldwide Financial Aid Solution helps educational institutes improve their distribution of financial aid to students, as well as reduce the systems exposure to fraudulent claims. Thereby ensuring payments are channeled to deserving individuals.

  • In addition, the worldwide Donor Management Solution, can assist institutions manage their current and potential donors. This solution helps increase donations by identifying who is likely to donate money to the institution. This assists academic institutions with how they approach donors and their strategy.

OLSPS Analytics Solutions for Academic Institutions

Creating Academic Excellence At Affordable Prices in Education