Farming processes are starting to become increasingly data driven and enabled. Machines and sensors are starting to crop up on farms and farm data is growing in quantity and possibility. The Internet of Things and Cloud Computing are driving the phenomenon of what has now become known as “Smart Farming”. 

  • Sensors on fields and crops are starting to provide literally microscopic data points on soil conditions, as well as detailed information on wind, fertilizer requirements, water availability and pest infestations.

  • By using GPS units on tractors, combines and trucks optimum usage of heavy equipment is determined.

  • Preventing spoilage of produce by moving products faster and more efficiently using data analytics.

  • Farmers can use unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones that patrol fields and alert farmers to crop ripeness or any potential problems that may arise. 

  • Radio-frequency identification-based traceability systems can provide a constant data stream on farm products as they move through the supply chain, from the farm to the table. 

  • Plants can be monitored for nutrients and growth rates individually.

  • Analytics can forecast by looking at past data assisting in ascertaining the best crops to plant, considering both sustainability and profitability.

  • Agricultural technologies can also help farmers hedge against losses and even out income and expenditure.

OLSPS Analytics’ micro-weather forecasting solution combines weather data from both macro and micro sensors with sophisticated predictive models. These determine highly accurate weather predictions well ahead of conventional forecasting tools.

The insight provided from our predictive analytic solution has numerous applications in the agriculture industry. This makes a significant difference in the operating decisions and profits earned by agribusinesses. Our solution allows agribusiness to make more informed crop planting, maintenance and harvesting decisions.

For example, our solution can be applied to help farmers protect their crops from frost. Frost is a silent killer which can ruin an entire crop field overnight if it catches a farmer unawares. Through our solution these farmers are provided with sufficient time to prepare the necessary counter-measures to prevent damage occurring to their crop fields.

OLSPS Analytics Solution for Agriculture

Smart Farming – The Future of Agriculture